Bubbler BiPath

The Bubbler BiPath replaces the existing humidifier (bubbler) bottles on home concentrators and facilitates better control of the relative humidity of the oxygen going to the patient.

Today, when the patient does not use a bubbler bottle, the oxygen is very dry, approximately 8% relative humidity resulting in bloody noses and sore throats. If the patient inserts a bubbler bottle into the path, the oxygen is overly humidified, close to 85% relative humidity. The secondary problem the patient encounters when using the bubbler bottle today is that as the oxygen cools, in the 50-75 foot long tube going to the patient, the amount of water vapor in the tube is constant but as the temperature cools the relative humidity reaches 100% and the moisture condenses and enters the patient’s nose as a bolus of water giving the sensation of drowning.

Mayo Clinic has determined that the ideal relative humidity range for the patient is 30-50%.

When we attach the Bubbler BiPath to the bubbler bottle we provide a way for some of the oxygen coming from the concentrator to “bypass” the water in the bubbler bottle. The moist oxygen from the bottle is combined with the dry oxygen that bypassed the bottle and the result is that we can produce an oxygen flow that is about 42%, which is an ideal percentage for the patient.

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